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Kemaskini Pada: 12 Dis 2018
Versi 8.1.2

(Regulations 18(1))

The Sarawak Rivers (Traffic) Regulations, 1993

The Controller shall designate by signs or moorings any area in a river where he considers it safe for vessels and river rafts to anchor, moor or berth (hereinafter referred to as ("anchorage area")

WILAYAH 1- KUCHING (click thumbnails for larger view)

1. Sematan Anchorage Area         
2. Muara Tebas Anchorage Area
3. Sejingkat Anchorage Area      
4. Tanjung Sedap Anchorage Area

5. Tanjung Renard Anchorage Area

WILAYAH 2- SIBU (click thumbnails for larger view)

1. Tanjung Lebaan Anchorage Area                                 
2. Kuala Rejang Anchorage Area


3. Tanjung Sepler General Cargo  Anchorage Area              
4.Kampung Rajang/Sungai Sabut Dangerous Good Anchorage Area



WILAYAH 3- BINTULU  (click thumbnails for larger view)

1.Bintulu Anchorage Area                                              
2. Sungai Tatau



WILAYAH 3- MIRI (click thumbnails for larger view)

1. Batang Baram Anchorage Area                                   
2. Sungai Miri


WILAYAH 3- LIMBANG (click thumbnails for larger view)

1. Limbang Anchorage Area                                           
2. Lawas Anchorage Area




FEES FOR ANCHORAGE AREA (Regulation 25 (2)

1- Vessels of 10 Gross Tonnage and below

  • RM2.00 per day or part thereof

2- Vessels of 11 to 100 Gross Tonnage

  • RM5.00 per day or part thereof

3- Vessels of 101 to 300 Gross Tonnage

  • RM10.00 per day or part thereof

4- Vessels of 301 to 500 Gross Tonnage

  • RM15.00 per day or part thereof

5- Vessels of 501 to 1000 Gross Tonnage

  • RM25.00 per day or part thereof

6- Vessels of 1001 to 5000 Gross Tonnage

  • RM50.00 per day or part thereof

7- Vessels of 5001 to 10,000 Gross Tonnage

  • RM75.00 per day or part thereof

8- Vessels of exceeding 10,000 Gross Tonnage

  • RM100.00 per day or part thereof