Powers And Duties Of The Board


The Ordinance prescribed the following powers and duties of the Board:-

To plan for the improvement of the riverine  traffic system;

To define and establish anchorage grounds for vessels in a port or river wherever it is manifest to the Board that the commercial interest requires such anchorage grounds for safe   navigation;

To control the  transportation goods and passengers by means of vessels;
To control the  operators of  commercial vessels;

To require the owner or occupier of any land abutting on a river ;

-    to remove, lower or trim, to the satisfaction of the Board, any tree, shrub or      hedge on the river bank or overhanging or interfering in any way with the traffic on the river;

-   to undertake or adopt such measures as the Board may deem necessary for the  protection of the course and banks of any river and for controlling the discharge or deposit of any refuse into the river;

To make, divert, straighten, define and control the course of any river or watercourse after giving  notice and making compensation to any owner or occupier of land abutting on such river or watercourse;

To prevent the obstruction of any river or watercourse;

To control, co-ordinate or supervise the management of the services provided by the Board under subsection (1) of the Ordinance;

To carry out investigations in  connection with accidents involving loss of life or any serious injury to any person or affecting the loss of or serious damage to a vessel;

To go aboard any vessel and make such inspection, examination, investigation, survey or all other acts as may be  necessary for enforcing or  carrying out the provisions of the Ordinance; and

To do anything which in the Board’s opinion is calculated to facilitate the proper discharge of its functions or is incidental or conducive thereto.