General Information

Sungai Sarawak Barrage and Shiplock is one of the 4 components of the Sungai Sarawak Regulation Scheme [SRRS] consisting of:-

  1. Bako Causeway
  2. Pending Causeway
  3. 6 units of Rain Fall and Water Level telemetry Station in the    Sungai   Sarawak catchment
  4. The Barrage & Shiplock
  5. 18 unit of rainfall telemetry stations equipped with Early flood warning system were installed in December 2005.

The construction of the Bako Causeway in Phase I was completed in August 1993;

The construction of the Barrage & Shiplock; the 6 units of rainfall & water level telemetry stations and the Pending Causeway in Phase II & III was completed in November 1997;

With the completion of this 2 phases, the Sungai Sarawak now flow through the newly created waterway through the barrage as the outlet as Sg Santubong and the section at the tip of the Isthmus of the peninsular near the Marine Police Base is  now closed. The construction of the two causeways are of rock fill method.



  • Provision of communication links to Sejingkat and Pending Isthmus.
  • Regulate river water level upstream of barrage.
  • Reduce transport of muddy sediments to the foreshores of Santubong and Damai.
  • To mitigate fluvial and tidal flooding in Kuching.
  • To secure Kuching water supply.



Restrictions on vessels

9- The Barrage operator may, with the approval of the Controller, permit any vessel:-

(a)- exceeding 500 gross tonnage; or

(b)- having a dimension in excess of


(i)- width.............23 meters

(ii)- length............95 meters

(iii)- air draught.....15 meters

(iv)- water draught...7 meters


10- All vessel entering or  leaving the shiplock a speed of not more than 0.4 knot.