Gazetted Anchorage Area

(Regulations 18(1))

The Sarawak Rivers (Traffic) Regulations, 1993

The Controller shall designate by signs or moorings any area in a river where he considers it safe for vessels and river rafts to anchor, moor or berth (hereinafter referred to as ("anchorage area")

Region I, Kuching (click thumbnails for larger view)

1. Sematan Anchorage Area         
2. Muara Tebas Anchorage Area
3. Sejingkat Anchorage Area      
4. Tanjung Sedap Anchorage Area

5.Tanjung Renard Anchorage Area                                  6. Tanjung Sedap Fisheries Anchorage Area     


 Region II, Sibu (click thumbnails for larger view)

1. Tanjung Lebaan Anchorage Area                                     
2. Kuala Rejang Anchorage Area


3. Tanjung Sepler General Cargo  Anchorage Area              
4.Kampung Rajang/Sungai Sabut Dangerous Good Anchorage Area




 Region III, MIRI   (click thumbnails for larger view)

1. Batang Baram Anchorage Area                                   
2. Sungai Miri


2. Bintulu Anchorage Area                                              
3. Sungai Tatau



5. Limbang Anchorage Area                                           
6. Lawas Anchorage Area




FEES FOR ANCHORAGE AREA (Regulation 25 (2)

1- Vessels of 10 Gross Tonnage and below

  • RM2.00 per day or part thereof

2- Vessels of 11 to 100 Gross Tonnage

  • RM5.00 per day or part thereof

3- Vessels of 101 to 300 Gross Tonnage

  • RM10.00 per day or part thereof

4- Vessels of 301 to 500 Gross Tonnage

  • RM15.00 per day or part thereof

5- Vessels of 501 to 1000 Gross Tonnage

  • RM25.00 per day or part thereof

6- Vessels of 1001 to 5000 Gross Tonnage

  • RM50.00 per day or part thereof

7- Vessels of 5001 to 10,000 Gross Tonnage

  • RM75.00 per day or part thereof

8- Vessels of exceeding 10,000 Gross Tonnage

  • RM100.00 per day or part thereof